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babes and blueberries

the heat finally gave way and we headed out to our friend’s farm in Harvard, MA. i can’t believe that a year ago, this guy’s mama and i were just becoming friends and getting to know each other. a year ago i photographed newborn him. since then i’ve watched him grow (which is awesome because he’s the happiest, most wonderful little boy ever) i’ve watched his mom navigate her way accommodating her newly enlarged heart and wrangling two small bodies in the course of a day. we experienced Colorado together. there’s no going back now.

moment of shame : i’ve/we’d never picked blueberries before. ever. it’s awesome and easy.


colorado – don’t give up // part two

um, so, ever since i returned from CO my child had strep and it’s been unbearably hot. i feel like i just got home, like i was just there, because i feel like i haven’t moved since i got back!

there were other people along on this journey. supporters, story tellers, locksmith, food makers, picture takers. Alec Vanderboom was click click clicking away the entire time. we all knew he was making magic. and when the video landed today it did not disappoint. i most closely resembled one of those insane hyenas from the Lion King. hysterical laughter and crying. a 5 minute punch to the heart, to take me back and remind how much it all meant, how much i love them all, how much it changed me.

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